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Urban Outfitters Now Sells Fixed Gear Bikes

Living in New York changes the way you think about bicycles and the people who ride them forever. In every other city, bikes are merely things that sit in the garage most of the time only to be taken out for leisure or groceries. Here, people ride bikes as their main form of transportation—from messengers, to moms, to office dudes to that girl who has the fully color-coordinated and souped track bike and rides through lights like it's a business—and so they inevitably have a much stronger bond with their machinery and can get testy when it appears that the unspoken cycling community is being encroached upon, even if they are themselves relatively new to that community. So it will be without a doubt quite a blow to New York cycling's mindstate the next time they ride past an Urban Outfitters (and they will because they are everywhere) and see a fixed gear in the window because Urban Outfitters is now selling customizable fixed gears. But to be honest, as long as these bikes aren't dangerously crappy, there is really nothing to be mad about because it mostly means more people will be riding bikes and not almost running over bikes in cars, AND when this flood of Technicolor cycles hits bike parking areas around the city, it will actually serve as a deterrent to all the thieves out there looking to swipe your expensively upgraded ride, as looking at the locked pile-up on every corner will probably drive them insane, or at least into another field of thievery (hopefully one that does not involve stealing stuff).

Urban Outfitters Now Sells Fixed Gear Bikes