Urban Outfitters Now Sells Fixed Gear Bikes

Living in New York changes the way you think about bicycles and the people who ride them forever. In every other city, bikes are merely things that sit in the garage most of the time only to be taken out for leisure or groceries. Here, people ride bikes as their main form of transportation—from messengers, to moms, to office dudes to that girl who has the fully color-coordinated and souped track bike and rides through lights like it’s a business—and so they inevitably have a much stronger bond with their machinery and can get testy when it appears that the unspoken cycling community is being encroached upon, even if they are themselves relatively new to that community. So it will be without a doubt quite a blow to New York cycling’s mindstate the next time they ride past an Urban Outfitters (and they will because they are everywhere) and see a fixed gear in the window because Urban Outfitters is now selling customizable fixed gears. But to be honest, as long as these bikes aren’t dangerously crappy, there is really nothing to be mad about because it mostly means more people will be riding bikes and not almost running over bikes in cars, AND when this flood of Technicolor cycles hits bike parking areas around the city, it will actually serve as a deterrent to all the thieves out there looking to swipe your expensively upgraded ride, as looking at the locked pile-up on every corner will probably drive them insane, or at least into another field of thievery (hopefully one that does not involve stealing stuff).

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  1. Chameleon says:

    Hold on guys! I’ve been saving up since 2004 for a $500 Electra Cruiser and just got it. Do you mean to tell me it’s not cool anymore! You mean my flamed out black frame with matching seat is not cool anymore?

    Fast forward five years…

    Hold on guys! I’ve been saving up since 2009 for a $500 Republic fixie and just got it. Do you mean to tell me it’s not cool anymore! Red tires and lack of adequated braking ability is not cool anymore?

    Get over it people. If you really want to say “I don’t care” get a Schwinn from Target and call it a day.

  2. Ed says:

    What I’m missing is WHY IN THE HELL anybody would want a bike that is crippled because it has only one gear ratio!?

    AND PS. The things you use to slow down your vehicle are called BRAKES.

    If you’re too stupid to spell this word, or so foolish as to not have any fitted, you should ride your completely pointless “fixie” off a cliff in the interests of improving the gene pool.

  3. Annie says:

    “Right, because we don’t do that in Philly. And noooooobody out west (bay area, sacramento, san diego, portland) rides fixed, right? Did you grow up in Houston or Atlanta or something? Any place with reasonable density will lend itself to biking, b/c it allows people to get around quicker than they can by car/foot.”

    Ahh, but you, too, my friend, are wrong. I can attest that there is a huge population of bike riders in Atlanta. In fact, quite a few cities in the south have mass bikers.

  4. Annie says:


    I love my Earth Cruiser. I’ve been riding them for twenty years.

  5. hipsterssuck says:

    I ride a fixed gear, a 1946 Schwinn Continental for that matter but hate hipster douches that have no idea how to do anything on their bikes except tighten their chain. I cant wait till they arent cool so i can keep riding mine and look different. And the fact that hipsters wont say they are hipsters sucks dick too its like yea you got the glasses and the pants your a hipster. Hipster reply “Wtf who are you im not a hipster” FUCK OFF “HIPSTERS”

  6. L says:

    it’s bandwagon stuff.

    Shows how far behind urban outfitters are in fashion stakes…

    No-nothings from the suburbs will buy this bike thinking it’s cool…
    …but really it’s shit!

    I will never shop in urban outfitters again!