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Video: Rich Boy, "Country Club" + New Mixtape

Rich Boy's latest mixtape should once again make everyone long for the days when certain websites were almost 50% jokes about him being shirtless and our website was about 17% posts about how ridiculous his flow is. Along with the Pacc Man and Bigger Than The Mayor tapes and the apparent second part of Kool-Aid coming soon, this dude may not even need to release a legit follow-up to his debut album to keep his spot on the FADER favorites list. Plus, he can pitch out of the bunker and that shit is not easy. Watch him do that and walk around with the ice-grillingest caddy of all time above and download the DJ-free version of Kool-Aid below.

Download: DJ Scream & Rich Boy, Kool-Aid Kush & Convertibles (via DGB)

Video: Rich Boy, "Country Club" + New Mixtape