Paper Route Gangstaz, “Keyshia Cole” MP3

You make a song about Keyshia Cole and somehow it isn’t about how fine she is? Do we salute this or rebuke this? Also, the premise isn’t so clear. What about good weed says “Keyshia Cole” to you, Paper Route Gangstaz? Reggie—Bush or Miller, depending on how you ball (or don’t ball, if you’re actually smoking that shit)—is catchy if not clever and even “Bobby Brown” made perfect sense as a potency gauge, but where does Keyshia fall in to play? Will smoking this make any late-night conquest look as good as Keyshia Cole? Do we really want that? What goes up, after all, must come down and how will we feel about ourselves then? “Keyshia Cole” is available on itunes now and in real life, hopefully when Boobie gets cut from the Cavaliers.

Download: Paper Route Gangstaz, “Keyshia Cole”

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  2. jhi ali says:

    when u move how we move u dont talk crazy on the phone so u dont wanna say kush, u say keesh, and that evolved to keyshia , wich evolved to keyshia cole cuz errbody in the hood loves keyshia cole….and kush