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Rich Kids, Money Swag Mixtape


In addition to recording a gang of raps, some of which we're told were meant to eventually be actually rapped by the ever-elusive Dr. Dre, T.I. signed some super cool high school kids to Grand Hustle. They have fancy haircuts, expensive man bags and, like their dear Uncle D'Juan, they love Polo. Rich Kids strike some strange balance between a 2009 New Edition and even younger Young Dros and Yung LAs. Earlier this year they dropped "Partna Dem" and we got excited for this mixtape, but then they were kind of stagnant. Unless you count graduating from high school and shit. But Money Swag is here now and its all the backyard birthday cookout sheen we've been waiting for.

Download: Rich Kids, Money Swag mixtape

Rich Kids, Money Swag Mixtape