Clipse f. Rock City, “Warning” MP3

The bass on this new leak from the upcoming third Clipse album sounds like heavy farts. Pusha and Malice’s verses sound like they started as freestyles. Rock City still sounds confusing. Less angry/sad Clipse is weird. It’s not that they’ve lost skill (Married to the game/ Ya’ll just common law/ Fiends set fire to the pipe like molotov), but the feverish angst has dissipated, now settled with a supportive label and nothing heavy to rebel against.

Download: Clipse f. Rock City, “Warning”

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  1. Aurich says:

    First thing I did after hearing this track was edit out Rock City’s terrible verse. Really Clipse? They’re just phoning it all in now aren’t they.

  2. Illskillz says:

    you fucking idiots, this isn’t even from the Clipse album, noticed a lotta hate from The Fader lately… payola ain’t straight?

  3. Peter Macia says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Illskillz. Can you give us a link to accurate info for this song? And also a good place to buy huge garbage bags to keep all our payola money in?

  4. DUKES says:

    This is from The Synth album.

  5. Illskillz says:

    Dear Hader magazine,

    You have lost so much cred over the years, you endorse garbage shit like OJ The Juice Man and Rich Kids, for all other hip-hop advice you wait for Pitchfork to co-sign … seriously pathetic. Keep up the great photography!

  6. ma dukes says:

    FADER CREW: please tell me you just ignore morons like this illskillz fool – i don’t know a magazine/website that actually displays more authenticity and cred than you guys, KEEP UP EXACTLY WHAT YOUR DOING!! just thank this douche for continuing to come back to the site, and for being just a typical anonymous website hate-commenter!!

  7. melody says:

    hey doe anyone know who does the chorus on this song ? thnx