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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Make a Crazy Short Film


"A scientist, a philosopher, and a black widow" are the roles portrayed by the respective YYYs in "SNAKESWEAT," a fucking sweet short film directed by Karen O co-conspirator Barney Clay. This black-and-white gothy fantasia evokes everyone from Fellini, Jodorowsky, Herzog, Bela Tarr, Kenneth Anger and the Cursed Tape from The Ring with its surrealist images and creepy German narrator, and will make you wish you could spend your life conceiving of and making extremely brooding, dark, conceptual short films about figuring shit out and/ or "losing your mind to recover purity of truth" (which is what this is apparently about). More please.

[youtube width="560" height="479"][/youtube]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Make a Crazy Short Film