Exclusive: Pictureplane Creep 5 Mix MP3 + Denver Sampler + Q+A

August 06, 2009

Until Pictureplane, we did not think about Denver as a place where anything except skiing happened. Forced to imagine the music a Denver citizen might make, a combination of John Denver and the Supremes after they lost all their original members came to mind. But apparently Travis Egedy, the man behind Pictureplane, is holding a torch for supreme blunted electronic weirdness. A goopy mix of house, Annie Lennox, glam, The Cure and whenever Madonna was wearing a lot of white lace, Pictureplane's brand new debut Dark Rift is unmistakably a one man project, all of the desires of a single, uncompromising mind manifesting itself over what we imagine is probably a lot of free time and open space. We asked him to make a mix and he offered to make two—Creep 5, a mix of his current influences and peers and an unmixed sampler of his Denver comrades. Download links, tracklists, artwork and our gothy Q+A with Pictureplane are after the jump.

What exactly does "goth" mean to you?
Just an appreciation of a "darker" or more poetic aesthetic.... I have always been drawn to gothic imagery and fantasy subcultures, and while not a self described "goth," I have kind of always wanted to be one. I always thought the kids who had the guts to pull that shit off in high school were the coolest people. Goth is pure kitsch. It looks fun to me and I like to find humor in its absurdity. I could be way off and have no idea what i am talking about though. You should ask a real goth.

What’s the best place for goths to hang out in Denver?
Whats with all the goth questions? Haha I think there are some late night after hours industrial club nights around town? Which seem appealing. There is "goth night" at this place called the church, which is an old cathedral that was turned into a nightclub. And that is pretty fucking goth if you ask me. I went to this goth night one time here during this event called the "Dark Arts Festival" and I was wearing a yellow T-shirt. People looked at me like I was an alien. And I was. I honestly think that Denver has a thriving goth community, but I really don't know anything about it.

What is there even to do in Denver?
Man, Denver is amazing. Everyone just rides their bikes around and hug each other all day. There are a lot of punk houses and DIY spots that have shows and potlucks and art happenings constantly. People seem to really be into gardening this summer, which is great. In a few days I
will be going to a full moon pizza party to celebrate the moon with pizza and punks. This house called the R&R house has a goal to consume 1000 hand made pizzas this year. That's Denver style. Denver is really big on community, there is a very large radical contingent of kids out here working hard on saving the world. Not even joking. I'll miss it when I am on tour.

Is there any scene that you are a part of?
The warehouse that I live in, Rhinoceropolis, has a really widespread and varying audience of people who come to shows here. Its pretty neat. Our house caters more to the art/weirdo/noise kind of people...which can be anything or anyone, I guess. We are totally non-heirarchal, and we don't exclude anyone from coming here, so its hard to call it a definitive "scene". Last night for example, I played a show here with this rad teenage weirdo-rock band from the suburbs, an ambient electronic band and a dude playing amazing Chicago house music with projected art videos of sports bloopers and people playing with puppets. The "scene" is just people doing fun and creative things. You all should come check it out.

Do you ski? Why are you a one man band?
I do not ski, that shit is way too expensive. Is that what people in New York think people in Denver do? Ski all the time? Haha I think I only know a few people who actually ski or snowboard. I am a one man band because i started out making beats by myself....and still do. And it's just easier guess. To me its like painting or drawing, its a personal thing. Like a sonic canvas. I would love to play in a band, though. I want to start an industrial band.

And please tell us about the mixes you've made—what do you think is hot shit right now?
One mix is all 100% denver bands who all sort of represent Rhinoceropolis style, and who are my friends that are making incredible music that people need to hear. And there are so many band that should be on that mix who i just didn't get songs from in time... if i included every good band in Denver it would just be way to long. The other mix is the 5th installment of my CREEP mix tape series. "Creep" was an attempt at creating a conceptual cultural catchphrase, similar to "hyphy" or "crunk". It was a philosophical way of "being," but it was more of just a fun joke that never caught on. But I am still making the creep mixes. CREEP 5 is full of ’90s house and jungle
Tracks that I love. A lot of vocal house, some funky and bassline, house, and some dark synth pop.

Hot shit right now? I am really into Crazy Cousinz, L-vis 1990, Jackmaster and some other funky producers—Wiley, Tempa T, Terror Danjah, Durrty Goods, D Double E and a few other grime producers and emcees I follow very closely. Cold Cave are amazing. Ricky blaze and techno/dancehall shit. All of the Dutty Artz shit. Uproot Andy is brilliant. Baltimore has it going on. Videohippos, Future Islands, Teeth Mountain. So many good bands out there. This breakcore/hardcore band called Realicide recently played Rhinoceropolis and blew my mind apart. Sewn Leather and Narwhals may be two of the best performers in the country right now. Zomby, Ikonika, Rustie, Joker and all of the future freak whatever producers are so good. I think Girls are great. Blank Dogs, Ariel Pink is a genius. Kites, and Prurient. And I listen to Nirvana and R Kelly all the time.

Creep 5

1. alison limerick "you got the love"
2. the original "i love you baby"
3. kingdom "i dont know"
4. tremorefire dubs "freak like me"
5. dj fav "music is moving"
6. sketch and griminal "grinding"
7. darktown strutters "lucifer rising"
8. sabbo feat. little x "far to go"
9. uproot andy "go round payola"
10. uproot andy "smooth criminal rmx"
11. crazy cousinz "inflation"
12. borgore foes "fuck hoes rmx"
13. keri hilson "turn my swag on rmx"
14. j.k "you make me feel good"

Download: Pictureplane, "Creep 5"

Denver 2009 sampler
Alphabets, "Pow Sound Thaw Out"
Bdrmppl, "2013 Pt II"
Green Carpeted Stairs, "What's Love"
Hollagramz Tromperz Cycle, no name
Josephene and the Mouse People, "Dance Dancee"
Married in Berdichev, "Funnel Clouds"
Milton Melvin Croissant III, "Books on Tape"
Modern Witch, "In Your Eyes"
Nightshark, "Pepper"
Novasak, "Vege"
Pictureplane, "Old Dreamer" (Future Islands Remix)
Pina Chulada, "What You Mean"
Pirate Sygnal, "Live at the God's Lounge"
Snake Feathers, "Mercaba"
Spellcaster Ultimate Fantasy, "1-2"
Thundercade, "Ones and Zeros"
Yellow Elephant, "Luv in a Teacup"

Download: Pictureplane's Denver 2009 Sampler

Exclusive: Pictureplane Creep 5 Mix MP3 + Denver Sampler + Q+A