Mark Ronson Designs Sneaks for Gucci

Yesterday WWD broke the Mark Ronson x Gucci story, running this proud picture of our boy cuddled up to his two limited-edition sneaker designs. The kicks will not be available until late October, when Gucci will be opening up a bunch of temporary sneaker stores around the world, so there’s still about 78 shopping days left to save up the $500-600 you will need to take these babies home. It doesn’t take more than a split second to figure out that those navy joints will work better than the adventurer’s pouffy high-bred with Ronson’s wardrobe of suave Mad Men-ish suiting—especially when it comes to flashing a little leg on those long Caribbean yachting vacays.


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  1. camille says:

    this is too funny. i can just hear mark making ridiculous quips in between takes. look at the dude, he can barely keep a straight face. too hilair!

  2. Daco says:

    What a cock!

    Obviously far too out of touch with the common folk of this world, many of whom no doubt buy his recordings in some fashion.

    Stick to what you’re good at and make room for those who have leant their trade or skills.

  3. jason KM says:

    this guy is a twat who knows nothin bout designing shoes.