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Premiere: Zomby, "Helter Skelter" MP3

Mysterious UK producer Zomby, whose Where Were U In ’92? last year blew minds and club genres into little pulsating blobs, is about to come back with his One Foot Ahead Of The Other EP on September 8th (Ramp Recordings). The whole thing sounds like if that neon green swarm of robo-termites that eat the Eiffel Tower in the G.I. Joe trailer also wore tiny sized speaker backpacks that played songs to get them amped to destroy civilization, only there's no crack team of really bad actors to stop them. "Helter Skelter" specifically sounds sick, a compulsive end times 8-bit slab of dubstep horror that typifies Zomby's love of menace and disrespect for fidelity. If you live in New York, attempt to dance to this on Saturday, August 15th, when Zomby opens for Animal Collective at the Prospect Park Bandshell.

Download: Zomby, "Helter Skelter"

Premiere: Zomby, "Helter Skelter" MP3