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Caspa & Rusko, "Power Shower" MP3


M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening was about nature completely warping peoples' brains and making them commit suicide in some sort of sub-vibration earth-generated ecological war on humanity. The movie sucked mucho balls but the idea was kind of dope and there was a lot of ear-bleeding. This track by Caspa and Rusko, which they've been playing out for like a year but just dropped for public consumption/death-knelling, is a far more successful take on the concept: mass levels of utter mutilation in the form of devastating bass metallurgy. The idea of the two dubstep giants collabo'ing together at all in the first place is mind-rattling, no matter how often they do it, but "Power Shower" takes the hinterlands of their brains to a fully other level of monster. The track starts out all nice and misleadingly light with some planetarium sparkle synths, then some dainty Brit lady comes on chatting about a shower, then BOOM! ACID RAIN OF BASS! HUMANITY IS OBLITERATED! Or at the very least you just play it on repeat in your headphones until you permanently screw up your sense of equilibrium.

Download: Caspa & Rusko, "Power Shower" (via LA Friendly)

Caspa & Rusko, "Power Shower" MP3