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I Love Hot Dogs is the New Netflix

I Love Hot Dogs is a very simple website: It is screenshots of movies. Run by a film obsessive, each individual post is a collection of shots from a single movie. The movies are of no particular unique plumage, though there is clearly a fondness for gore. But there are also routine pauses on characters' faces—startled, sad or gleaming. There is a similar empathetic gaze for text, not simply of titles and credits—there's already a blog just for that—but of signposts, notes and other natural language. Looking at the stills sometimes seems like it would be more entertaining than watching the entire film, like we then might be bothered by plot and dialogue. I Love Hot Dogs lets you glean, keep your high hopes. With Hot Dog's blessing, we selected some of our favorite stills and they are after the jump. But for the full effect of beloved cataloging, check the site.

I Love Hot Dogs is the New Netflix