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Video: The Drums, "Let's Go Surfing" + MP3

Look, we have no idea why everyone is suddenly making music about the beach, but it could be that advanced climate studies suggesting rising ocean levels over the next 50 years will move coasts inland and everyone who's been shutout of beachfront property is getting psyched that their shitty apartment will soon be prime real estate. However, if all holds true, Florida will be underwater and The Drums, who hail from there (via Brooklyn—weird), will be screwed. So maybe that's why they sound less wishful about being in the surf and more wish you were here—no lo-fi gunky daydreams, just hypercolored pop for actual beach parties. We kind of hate these guys, to be honest, but good for them.

Download: The Drums, "Let's Go Surfing"

Video: The Drums, "Let's Go Surfing" + MP3