Lightning Bolt, “Colossus” MP3

August 17, 2009

Pitchfork premiered this new Lightning Bolt with about as much as enthusiasm as your grandfather's doctor premieres the latest colonoscopy results, so we'll go ahead with the hysterics and say HOLY CRAP NEW LIGHTNING BOLT ALMOST SOUNDS LIKE A SONG. It's like Sabbath if Ozzy was too wasted to even pick up the mic and just yelled at Geezer's bass instead but the band still played like it was the best show they'd ever had (and then Ozzy barfed). Real riffs! Real hooks! Drums that have a soul almost! Is Chippendale singing a harmony? What the eff. These are big changes for anyone who cares to notice. Lightning Bolt's new album Earthly Delights, which hopefully sounds a lot like "Colossus" and was almost five years in the making with two ditched full lengths in between it and Hypermagic Mountain, is out on October 13th on Load. The tracklist is after the jump along with some new tour dates. What a weird day!

Download: Lightning Bolt, "Colossus" (via P4k)

Lightning Bolt
Earthly Delights
Street Date: Oct. 13, 2009
Formats: CD, Digital, Double LP

Track List:

01 Sound Guardians
02 Nation of Boar
03 Colossus
04 The Sublime Freak
05 Flooded Chamber
06 Funny Farm
07 Rain on Lake I'm Swimming In
08 S.O.S.
09 Transmissionary

08/15 Providence, RI AS220
08/16 Amherst, MA U Mass Amherst
08/30 Brooklyn, NY 979 Broadway Backyard
08/31 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
09/05 Los Angeles, CA FYF Fest Presents Save Our State Parks!

Lightning Bolt, “Colossus” MP3