It Came From Brooklyn: High Places

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, venerable Manhattan museum The Guggenheim started a new concert series called It Came From Brooklyn with that borough’s best playing in the Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda. The series started last Friday with The Walkmen, High Places and The Brooklyn Steppers with readings of Walt Whitman by Colson Whitehead in between. Does that mean there are no artists left in Manhattan? Either way, local filmmaker Ray Concepcion, whose music shorts have quickly become our favorite way to watch local shows (other than going to the actual shows), asked to film it for us and here is his video of High Places, the cheery Brooklyn duo we featured in FADER #56.

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  1. jf whiteside says:

    an other wise good performance ruined by awful camera work

  2. harry says:

    get someone else to do the camera work next time.
    im so tired of ray concepcion’s “work”.
    he does the same thing every single music shoot.

    the video you put together for woods (without ray’s editing) was beautiful.
    ray’s woods shoot was crap.
    please, please just stick to regular documenting of shows..

  3. ray says:

    i agree, this one is way too depressing…really, who wants to hear THAT song at the beginning of a video.

  4. michael says:

    i think the camera work is awesome.
    that’s the only thing that kept me watching.
    “regular” documenting of shows is just plain boring if you ask me.
    if you want a “regular” video….shoot it your goddamn self.