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Fool's Gold, "Nadine" (Memory Tapes Remix) MP3


There needs to be a collective blog about Memory Tapes written by everyone who blogs. Every time (like every 30 minutes, seriously) dude has a new jam we will all go update it and you can look there and that will be the end of it. Maybe that's not fair. It's not like healthcare reform only gets covered in the NY Times and not the Washington Post, or like ESPN doesn't talk about Lance Armstrong coming in third at the Tour De France because it aired on Versus. Some things have a broad appeal, like rainbows and babies—and Memory Tapes, especially this total dreamwave (totally stole that from FADER editor Julianne Shepherd, sorry) remix of office favorite Fool's Gold, who are made up of many members of other office favorite Foreign Born. California dandies remixed by Philly dude with a kid and no driver's license sounds like mountain music. Maybe that will be the new environment people are into for bands—no more beach, just mountains. Nude Beach is a better name than Nude Mountain, though. Maybe not. Stay tuned to for our new post: Nude Mountain, "Wild Fire Family Joy Wind" (Memory Tapes Remix) MP3.

Download: Fool's Gold, "Nadine" (Memory Tapes Remix) (via some other blog)

Fool's Gold, "Nadine" (Memory Tapes Remix) MP3