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Premiere: D-Lo f. Sleepy D, "Coppers" MP3

photographer Justin Maxon

"Coppers," if you stay up on Bay area rap (we try), has ostensibly been available on the internuts for a little while via D-Lo's now officially available album The Tonite Show, but it doesn't appear anyone really knew that. So it is with great joy and a hatful of fake dreads shaking that we unleash one of its insanely insane (hyphy?) tracks to all peoples outside of the San Fran/Oakland/San Jose cultural sphere. Produced entirely by DJ Fresh & The Whole Shabang, The Tonite Show's whole steez seems pinned on making already crazy lines sound crazier and then pounding the whole thing to death with colossal bass, cavernous claps and the hollowest space pings since Alien. "Coppers" drops a slightly screwed clip of Wayne's Tell them coppers HAHAHAHA you can't catch 'em you can't stop 'em down a synthesized rabbit hole and Sleepy D joins D-Lo for some manic flouting of legality. By any means, it is indicative of this album's rightful place in your late summer rotation.

Download: D-Lo f. Sleepy D, "Coppers"

Premiere: D-Lo f. Sleepy D, "Coppers" MP3