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Premiere: Stricken City, "Pull The House Down" MP3

From the beginning, London's Stricken City has been a practice in restraint, singer Rebecca Raa's outfits about as loud as they get. Just when you expect a song to expand and get ruined, they go into the coat closet and wait for you to stop looking around. Weirdos. Their songs are all so gentle and pleasant you almost want to think they're pointless, but that's because you're probably American and subtlety is not our way. Either that, or they are wrong and should drop a huge acid synth bridge in here somewhere, but we don't think so. This song, from their album to be released on Kora Records November 3rd, is their best yet, with a few more hooks and a more sultry Raa.

Download: Stricken City, "Pull The House Down"

Premiere: Stricken City, "Pull The House Down" MP3