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Food Thyme: Wild Yaks Graze Slices on Scott's Pizza Tour

We already knew that the grizzled men from Wild Yaks had a fondness for pizza and beer, but when we found out frontman Rob Bryn had pie in his blood (his brother owns Robertas in Bushwick), we decided to invite the entire band out on the ultimate pizza journey—Scott's Pizza Walking Tour. Suspicious at the first glance of our pizza survival kits, our guide Scott Weiner shepherded us with his pizza facts, diagrams and charts, and ultimately won us over with some bad jokes. As a dude who has traveled the world sampling every species of pizza, eats nearly 32 slices a week, has attempted to climb into a coal burning oven to experience the life of a pizza, and can recite pizza facts like no other, he is #1 in the pizza hall of knowledge. Thanks to Scott, we found the answers to some very important questions, like where to find lard pizza (Keste), why the pepperonis at Lombardi's are so delicious (natural meat casings!), and how to tell what kind of oven your pizza has been in (look at the bottom of the slice, duh). Many thanks to Lombardi's, Alleva, Pizza Box, John's and the old guy who's been making pizza ovens by hand for the past 45 years (your hair looks great, btw).

Food Thyme: Wild Yaks Graze Slices on Scott's Pizza Tour