Video: Jokers of the Scene, “Baggy Bottom Boys”

Fool’s Gold pranksters Jokers of the Scene have been going through a “blue period,” if you will, making gothy mixes and having a general aura of doom about them, but this video might be their transition into another stage of artistry. Namely, muted piano tech, sparklers and ravers with a healthy dose of geometric animation that conjures the illuminati. And considering the massive amount of SICK sci-fi movies slated for the next six months, now would be a fairly zeitgeistical time to get in on that—some metaphysical happening at a club party might make for a good plot point. What was that vampire movie with a scene at a crazy rave, where the lights went out and a rain of blood gushed out of the fire sprinklers? Anyway, half this video is twitchy like a gif, and they’ve also got a new remix EP.

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  1. AA XXX says:

    that movie was called blade :)