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Jim Jones f. ATM, "Fast Money" MP3

photographer Mark Beckford

Jim Jones is a master of the moment. It's ridiculous. Who knows when this song was recorded, but it's recent enough to take shots at Jay's "D.O.A." and "Off That," all while a bootleg Drake autotunes a hook over a bouncy one drop beat. Couldn't be fresher if it was made this morning. Not to mention, Jim perseveres because his shit talking is on another level. He never complains, only wonders why anyone would question his awesomeness, clowns you and you can't even be mad because it's too funny, like when he rode into Band of Ballers on a skateboard, won the whole thing then said, "We talk shit and flush the toilet. You know what I’m talking about!? Ballin’!!" Yes. Incredible.

Download: Jim Jones f. ATM, "Fast Money" (via Splash)

Jim Jones f. ATM, "Fast Money" MP3