Video: New Gang Gang Dance Song “Mind Killer”

Last week in London, Gang Gang Dance played a new track, “Mind Killer.” While this video is not particularly visually illuminating, we do get the body of the track, which starts off with buzz-heavy percussion, like a puffed up runner’s breath, and then breaks out the electric keys. Andrew Kuo is saying it’s giving him Herbie Hancock vibes. That’s not untrue, but it’s more like someone sampled some electric fusion than swiped it wholesale. Gang Gang were on the cover of our magazine a long time before their second album, Saint Dymphna came out. It’s been a year since that happened, so at this point we’d guesstimate it might be another 12 months until we see something resembling “Mind Killer” properly released, but that can’t stop us from wanting a taste. And maybe this can be a good weekend reminder: to those of you maybe a little put off by Dymphna‘s universal music jumble—as we were at first blush—but revived by this fresh nip of the Dance, play Dymphna if it’s been a while, it’s energy is surprising. “Mind Killer” maybe takes away some of the global vibes in global pop, but we don’t see them abandoning a wide consciousness any time soon. Good to see that confirmed.

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