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Rain Machine, "Smiling Black Faces" MP3


A cursory glance through the FADER archives shows that we've been following the solitary escapades of TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone (and also posting that giant picture of his face constantly)—from his early days as a solo artist to this new work as Rain Machine. Often when an artist in a pretty popular and awesome band turns to solo work it feels like a cast-off project, a way to spend some time in between group albums, but with Malone it feels different. Maybe it's the way he lets his voice shoot into a fractured falsetto so quickly, or maybe it's that in the last couple minutes of this song handclaps show up out of nowhere, sounding organic enough that it is entirely plausible that some dude just rolled in off the street to add his own rhythm section.

Download: Rain Machine, "Smiling Black Faces" (via Stereogum)

Rain Machine, "Smiling Black Faces" MP3