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Video: No Age Live-Scores a Dramatic Bear Chase

The cool thing about seeing bands provide live scores to movies is that you're essentially privy to their basement stoner jam, complete with visuals. No matter the film, whether it's 8 1/2 or Weekend at Bernie's, the band will inevitably tap into their inner John Cage vs. Charlie Chaplins, making some ambient dramatic noise waves with minor comedic embellishments, and unless you are sober, you will think the thing would be way better amped with a small, legal amount of medicinal "jazz sweaters." Last weekend No Age scored the classic nature film The Bear in Los Angeles, and as this video (courtesy Videothing) proves, their cool improv swells were not exempt from the awesome pull of the tension-building wall-of-guitar-noise or dramatic cymbal clangs, so dramatically paired with this gigantor grizzly bear (no hova) eating berries from a tree and running away from a dude with an unfortunate hat. (via Aquarium Drunkard)

Video: No Age Live-Scores a Dramatic Bear Chase