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Like Lipstick Traces Launches Stateside

Break down the etymology of streetwear label Hixsept and what you're left with are the names of two French graffiti writers—Hëx and Hept aka Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry. Their latest project, Like Lipstick Traces, is an ode to those early ragtag days and chronicles the lives of 13 graffiti writers across the planet. Each artist was given 100 polaroid exposures to play with, and the results are a hard and fast scrapbook of hair-raising escapades on the job, like swinging from skyscrapers in Sao Paulo, or leaving footprints at the scene of the crime in Oslo. The book launched at Colette earlier this summer and gets the official New York welcome tomorrow at Reed Space.






Like Lipstick Traces Launches Stateside