Contest: Win a YACHT New Era x FADER Hat

Continuing their beloved themes of triangles and all things nautical, DFA home electronics-loving beat punks YACHT designed a poop deck-ready, crisp black and white cap with a giant anchor for our New Era hat series. We’ve got a number of these super limited hats to give away to oceanic dance lovers. All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite body of water and why, your hat size (they’re fitted!) and register with your real email so we know how to find you.

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  1. Eduardo Rapido says:

    My penis is currently floating in Pacific. True story. That automatically makes the Atlantic my favorite. Why ask why, fuckface (what up Billy Ripken!)?


  2. upperlab says:

    Ibiza or Eivissa. Sunsets and margaritas – paella and sangria, who could beat that?
    7 1/2

  3. Jay says:

    The atlantic ocean is my favorite because ever since I was a kid we have been taking boat trips out there for fishing and you just never know what each boat trip will bring. From Whales & dolphins to turtles & sharks, I’ve seen it all out there, which is why it is my favorite.
    Hat size: 7 3/8

  4. Paul-J says:

    i like the mediteranian sea because it is nice and warm and great for swimming in. we go every year. i will love this hat to wear when i go in the bright summer sun. thankyou. hat size: 7 3/8.

  5. Janelle Furber says:

    My favorite body of water is the man made lakes in DUBAI. so cool……

  6. Adam says:

    I’d have to say the Detroit River! I grew up in Detroit and the river is amazing because you can go from crazy hood to crazy mansions to crazy Canada. Plus, what could be more gangsta than the Detroit Yacht Club!?! We like to keep our New Eras crispy caucasian just like this hat too!

    7 and 1/4 please!!

  7. Kris Fields says:

    The Gulf of Mexico, Because its what we call in Houston the 3rd Coast because, Galveston is Houstons beach, and we are the representers of the south coast as Cali is for the West Coast and New York is for the East Coast.

    7 1/2

  8. The Bermuda Triangle, know one wants to sail on it because of all the horror stories of monsters, and dead zone where ships sink. I think its awesome because its probably one of the cleanest parts of the ocean because of the lack of human exploration. 7 and 1/2

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  10. My favorite beach is the Mediterranean Beach because the water is cooler and the sand generally coarser, pretty shady, friendly locals. The another reason is my lover`s best choice this beach.

  11. Marcus McCoy says:

    my favorite has got to be San Juan, Puerto Rico! i went there on my senior trip last may and waking up to the sunrise along a pearl white sandy beach every morning was a moment out of reality. greatest week of my life. size is 7 and 1/2. thanks!!!

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