Contest: Win Tickets to See Theophilus London, BLK JKs & Wild Yaks

Talk about an inspired lineup! Deep breath: FADER 52 cover stars BLK JKS, FADER 61 feature Theophilus London and FADER 57 Gen Fers Wild Yaks are all uniting under one roof this Saturday September 12th at the FADER 60 featured Santos Party House to play us awesome jams. We also heard a rumor (made it up) that the drinks page from the magazine will also come alive if you hand the bartender some money (wokka wokka). It’s as if the pages of our magazine are coming to life. Just like magic. It would be ridiculous to miss this, so get your (super cheap) tickets here, or tell us why you want to go and who you’re most excited to see in the comments and win a couple tickets. As always, don’t forget to leave an actual email address so we can let you know you won.

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  1. PR says:

    theophilus london is the homie and his music is super dope! always wanted to see BLK JKS live and i’ve never been to santos so this night will be epic! even if i dont get the free tix i will still be travelling from Philadelphia to be in attendance either way, DOPE!

  2. tomiller says:

    I saw BLK JKS in DC a few months ago and it easily the most fun event since Monica Lewinsky. I’m going for BLK JKS and Wild Yaks, because they rhyme and because I’m betting the concert will be more fun than Monica Lewinsky AND Bad Brains put together.

  3. Naj says:

    I want to go because I’ve recently been getting really into underground music. I’m tired of the repetitive songs on the radio today and I just love Theophilus’ music. I also want to hear what the other performers have to offer and simply have a great night with some good tunes. If possible, I would love to have Theo and/or BLK as guests on my radio show that I do Mondays at my campus radio station and was going to make attempts at making that happen. I was going to feature TNT on my first show this Monday anyway! Also, I’m a poor college student trying to make ends meet until I get my tuition refund, hopefully, by the end of this month and even the seemingly cheap tix are a dent in my near-empty pockets. PICK ME!!!

  4. Charlito says:

    after listening to BLK JKS for the past 2 years trapped in a city where no touring bands dared tread, I have finally returned to NYC and would kill for the opportunity to see these bros live. LAKESIDE!

  5. cC says:

    I got money, and bitches…but will gladly take yo tickets.

  6. i’m a yak farmer and i think that this seems like a great time!

  7. CrispySOB says:

    I have to go…they are all my crazy cousins

  8. Rachel says:

    I have been following Theophilus for 2 years now. I kno every single word to every single song! please let me in free

  9. Mindy says:

    I really want to see BLK JKS. I fell in love with their unusual sound many months ago and have been dying to see them since. I love the Wild Yaks, what a great live band. And Theophilus London will round it out. I haven’t seen a line up this awesome in a while. I so want to go!

  10. Lyle says:

    ‘cuz Theophilus is the tits, man.

  11. Matt McMahon says:

    Hey Check out the video I made of BLK JKS Live in NYC at the Secretly Canadian label website. The video includes exclusive interview footage as well as footage from their After Robots record release.