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Real Estate Live on WMUA MP3

photographer Ryan Muir

If you haven't been in a band since you and your nerdy friends played Weezer covers not that well in high school, meet Ridgewood, New Jersey's Real Estate, who did the exact same thing (read about it in FADER 63) and then turned into a totally legit group with rabidly completist fans. With this live, soundboard-quality mp3 of the band jamming out an extended medley recently at WMUA—temporarily minus bassist Alex Bleeker—everything's a little more breezy and briefly sketched, giving these songs a whole new life and (even more) laid-back vibe. Excuse us while we dub it to tape so we can trade it for a dreamcatcher, a tapestry, a couple jars of Rick's Picks Mean Beans (seriously) and a super deep trust fall session (less sure about this one, but we'd probably be down).

Download: Real Estate Live on WMUA

Real Estate Live on WMUA MP3