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Teki Latex’s Big Man Swag is the go-to spot for aspiring Sartorialist muses, where anyone can post daily photos of their style game. We're pro-democracy, but frankly it's a clusterfuck—who wants to see what everyone in the world is wearing every single day? One person's page we never miss though is that of Teki Latex, lead lothario of French electro-rap crew TTC and sonic proprietor of Institubes and Sound Pellegrino. Armed with a mission to "be innovative in this world of Elves dressed like The Strokes," Teki tends towards ATL-gone-sci-fi, blending Ralph Lauren, Nikes, golf caps and edgier, textured embellishments—the odd Sixpack scarf or knitted socks from Henrik Vibskov. Our current favorite is a look he titles "Major Blazer," a combo of cardinal blue deck shoes and tailored Lauren blazer flossed with a black silk Roc Star square as a shawl. It's not stuffy prep so much as "classy in the club," perfect for transitioning from daytime on Harvard yard to a nighttime rave on a boat.

Teki Latex’s Big Man Swag