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Stream: Monsters of Folk's Entire Album


As we wrote in FADER #63, Monsters of Folk are more than a monster, they're the definition of it—that is, a true-blue supergroup whose songs are so major they could swallow your whole life. The dreamy collective vision of Jim James, Mike Mogis, Conor Oberst and M. Ward is classic cornfields-and-AM radio road trip music, the kind of Americana that soundtracks your escape—from a city, from a stifling situation, from a relationship. The kind of wide open road music that inspires you to break out the El Camino (a custom Hybrid, of course) and go on a camping trip by yourself. The Monster bosses drop their record on September 22 but are streaming the entire album on their MySpace. For maximum effect it is recommended you arm yourself with a sleeping bag and a can of baked beans and curl up next to your computer whilst streaming. If you live in a metropolis, maybe open the window or something? They're on tour for all of October and November, so check the dates, too.

Stream: Monsters of Folk, Monsters of Folk

Stream: Monsters of Folk's Entire Album