At The Bar With Southern Comfort: Neon Indian, “Mi Viejo”

It’s episode number five of At The Bar With Southern Comfort, in which we travel to some of our favorite new bands’ hometowns (or as near as we can get) and film them covering some of their favorite bands’ best songs. Neon Indian showed up at the bar in Dallas and informed us that they’d be playing an Argentinian folk song and then busted out with a beautiful melody fronted by Alan Palomo. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we travel across North America to meet up with other bands while racking up frequent flyer miles and good times.

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  1. sexliesandvideotape says:

    Una cancion vieja de tristeza, todavia muy bonita.

  2. Rikki Stixxx says:

    Precaucion….. Caliente!!!!

  3. Joan-Jettson says:

    Street fighters!!!