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Slideshow: Sandy Kim's Photos of Girls

Sandy Kim is pretty short, has a ton of hair, a broken orange backpack and always loses her camera. When that happens, she just gets a disposable and keeps taking pictures. It's this lackadaisical tenacity we've admired so much about her and her photography, how they always looked kind of busted but warmly worn in and comfortable. Like many young photographers, she's made her friends her subjects—landscapes of young women, tattoos and San Francisco fog—and within that fold of friends are her best friends and FADER's current cover stars Girls. Over the time we've known Sandy, our experience of Girls has grown exponentially, following her photos of them on her blog, from house shows, late nights and terrible magazine photo shoots, she's accompanied them constantly, allowing us to be eternally voyeuristic with one of our most beloved bands. We asked her to narrate a slideshow of her favorite photos of the band, because our experience of Girls has been so much mediated by hers.

Posted: September 17, 2009
Slideshow: Sandy Kim's Photos of Girls