Tauba Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow’s Auerglass

Tauba Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow, better known as Glasser, built a tandem organ because they are best friends. It looks completely insane, a giant wooden organ with white leather air bags and Lucite framing holding train whistle pipes. The piece is part of Auerbach’s show at Deitch in New York, “Here and Now/And Nowhere,” and they play it every day in a public performance of dual unification. They also have interlocking shoes. We spoke with Auerbach and Mesirow about the creation and inner workings of the Auerglass, along with Ida Falck Ă˜ien, who designed their dresses.

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  1. Otto Pebworth says:

    Fascinating! The pipes are really organ pipes, though – not train whistles…