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Midnight Juggernauts, "This New Technology" MP3

The fact that Acephale Records, helmed by Patrik North—the man who helped bring us The Tough Alliance, Salem, CFCF and a bunch of other bands we really like—is releasing a Midnight Juggernauts single is not as surprising as we initially thought, the common thread between those bands being an unshakable weirdness cloaking relatively straightforward pop music. "This New Technology," the first song to surface from Midnight Juggernauts since their 2007 album Dystopia, is like a compact prog song: glittering synths, lyrics about death and mountaintops and multiple instrumental movements packed into four-and-a-half minutes. If we were in high school (or if we were Nick Andopolis), this would be the jam that would make us follow all of our musical dreams, but instead we're just sitting at our desks wondering if these dudes will let us take them on another terrible field trip when they're in New York in October.

Download: Midnight Juggernauts, "This New Technology" (buy the single here)

Midnight Juggernauts, "This New Technology" MP3