Waer, Drum Cirkill Mixtape MP3

September 24, 2009

Perhaps spelling it "circle" was too touchy feely, but Waer's new mixtape definitely kills (wah wahhh). Mixing lots of African-inspired hand-drum tracks (roots of funky?) with the occasional irregular dancefloor electro and focusing entirely on A) unceasing heartbeat-like rhythm and B) lasering his way into your mind. Basically, this is the kind of collection we wish we heard more frequently in the cluhhhb in New York. It is both visceral and entirely corporeal, not too heady either. Waer, if you are reading this, please give us your weblink in the comments, some fronting-ass fronters in Syracuse are making you very difficult to google. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Waer, Drum Cirkill Mixtape (via Dutty Artz)

ICS — “Espagnol”

Nils Noa — “Uno Dos Rocks”

Silvano Del Gado, Paul Cutie — “El Puro”

Ralph Laurentius — “Seen Jack (Gringo Gomes RMX)”

Big Drew feat Charlee — “Girls Want”

Djinji Brown — “Blue Hinny (Roots in the Jungle Mix)”

Geiom — “Lame Car”

Helixir — “Initiation Ritual”

Piero Cusenza — “African TImbales”


Hardrock Striker — “Cosmic”

Buraka Som Sistema — “D… D… D… D… Jay (Feat. Petty) (Poligono Big Pachanga Remix)”

Korioto — “Bollywood (Jah Sound RMX)”

Waer, Drum Cirkill Mixtape MP3