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Alexi Wasser Makes Five Short Films About I'm Boy Crazy

Alexi Wasser is confusing because she will tell you everything about herself. It's difficult to know why—to disarm, to entice, to confuse. Maybe all of those at once. There is always something about power implicit in the posts on her site, usually the give and take of power between men and women in a young heterosexual dance. We spoke to Wasser in issue 61 about, and while she gave us a good deal of illumination on what she wants, wants to want and wants her readers to want, she didn't speak much about her initial calling as an actress. We've seen Wasser flash her million dollar peepers in many commercials, and perhaps that background is the impetus for her new set of short films. Her first film a few months ago, a stand alone calling card for the blog, was almost entirely a set up for a killer kicker (which we will not ruin for you, but which you should certainly watch). But these current films are more a suite—a collective vibe that illustrates her as an actress, woman, writer and out-of-body ringleader of her id, ego and superego. She wrote, produced, scouted and cast all of the films, with David Lowery directing. They are funny, awkward and always strangely, lovingly proud. Wasser's desire for constant new beginning, more than anything, is what she, these videos and her site embody, infinite freshness amidst constant consternation. And, as an FYI, maybe don't watch these full screen in your office with the sound very loud. At least not the first one, which is above, with the other four after the jump. But know that if you are the kind of person who takes heed to office warning screeds like that, Wasser probably wouldn't be interested in you. We hear she's single.

Alexi Wasser Makes Five Short Films About I'm Boy Crazy