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Video: Slyde, "Block Parties"

Celebrating the thing we will probably miss most about summer, UK production team Slyde's new single captures some of the illest street dancing from the biggest of pavement soirees. It hurts our hearts when three-year-olds dance better than us, but still, we can put aside our feelings and be melancholy for the get down. Tune's pretty hot too, a high-energy break with throbbing bass crescendos and a super spirited chick shouting out said block parties who is probably younger than our youngest sibling's baby. It's cool though because, again, we are into child prodigies. The middle part of the video breaks down into the block party where you took ketamine, but then it goes back to normal. Apparently the B-Side to this track is called "Miami Bitch." (via Discobelle)

Video: Slyde, "Block Parties"