Stream: Burial, “Fostercare”

Yes, this is absolutely the thing we want to listen to first thing in the morning in autumn. Deeply layered, subtle and stoic beats swimming among backwards looped samples of some serene siren wooing. This could be construed as creepy (uh, “Fostercare” dude? Have you seen The Orphan?) but it’s one of the more visual tracks Burial‘s done, a somber, amniotic journey. According to Fact Mag this is from the forthcoming Hyperdub compilation. So was this just like, lying around? You can totally imagine Burial chilling in some City of Lost Children-style gothic factory wearing a monocle and frantically creating a jillion more amazing tracks of this caliber. Like Henry Darger but totally not creepy. He could call them his “inventions.” No but really, what is going on in this dude’s brain?

Stream: Burial, “Fostercare”

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  1. Lulu says:

    Hey kids the file was removed…no more stream.

  2. Cut Division says:

    Wow Burial is so amazing.