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The American Dream Team, "My Boo" MP3


As one of our editors (cough) has the original Ghost Town DJs version of "My Boo" as her ringtone, and has written into her will that So So Def Bass All-Stars (the first two volumes) should be played at her funeral, we thought we were going to REALLY hate this electro rework of the rhythm & quad classic. Like, the stomping around the office telling people to "ughhh godddd stab me" type of hate. It's rare that such an indelible Jam is covered well, and so often the electronic versions end up being what our old friend Disco D (RIP) used to call A.F.E. (ass-free electro)—thin, bassless, generic megaclub versions—that you just end up feeling dirty afterwards, and not in the way you want to feel dirty. But we were pleasantly surprised by the American Dream Team's classy, subtle touch on their version. The dreaminess was a major factor in the original's magnetism, and they've preserved that, conveyed with a windy gloop of synths and just the right amount of dancefloor. Not even mad at the chick on vox... she doesn't go overboard on the soulfulness but also doesn't sound like some overglossy club skeezer as these things tend to. We probably won't holler at Jermaine Dupri about it, but so far we've listened to it thrice and are still kinda jammin out.

Download: The American Dream Team, "My Boo" (via The Fast Life)

The American Dream Team, "My Boo" MP3