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Video: Gonzales vs Andrew WK

What began as a duel between two of the game's biggest pianists, soon turned into a duet of banging and tickling. Whoa… hold on. Let's start that over. A few weeks ago, Feist collaborator and world record holder Gonzales challenged New York party wizard Andrew WK to a piano duel at Gonzales' pending show at Joe's Pub in Manhattan. Of course, AWK accepted, and now we have about 20 minutes of video (click thru for part II). That video is awesome and we would like more of this kind of stuff, like Running Man for music nerds. Zach Hill vs ?uestlove. Dam Funk vs Joker. Omar Rodriguez Lopez vs Joanna Newsom. Et cetera. Feel free to leave some dream match-ups in the comments. Maybe we can make something happen. (via Oliver)

Video: Gonzales vs Andrew WK