At The Bar With Southern Comfort: The Daredevil Christopher Wright, “Drains”

Welcome to episode seven of At The Bar With Southern Comfort, in which we travel to some of our favorite new bands’ hometowns (or as near as we can get) and film them covering some of their favorite bands’ best songs . This week we’re bringing some good-natured Midwestern charm all the way from Madison, Wisconsin. The Daredevil Christopher Wright kept it in the family and covered a song by their Wisconsin bros, Megafaun, at a bar on State Street that had a giant fake tree inside of it. Be warned: the harmonization will make you weep. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we travel across North America to meet up with other bands while racking up frequent flyer miles and good times.

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  1. drshaw says:

    this is beautiful.

  2. junkem says:

    how did the person recording this not break down into tears….absolutely beautiful.

  3. Rae says:

    I absolutely love this, so beautiful.