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Video: Soulja Boy, "I Done Came Up"

Good grief! How many copyrighted logos can one film company bootleg? A few months back, Soulja Boy posted a twitter message about his impending adulthood, soliciting suggestions for a new name to go by when he is no longer a boy. This was, of course, after already asking to be called by his full stage name of Souljaboytellem. Regardless of what we'll be calling him by the time he finishes tatting his wiry frame, it's apparent that our Soulja Boy is growing into a man. And not just in his coziness smoking weed on camera. Could it be that he's finally surmounted all the "Crank Dat" hate? It never seemed to affect him that much anyway, but such is life when girls from high school to college would gladly push their friends in front of a moving bus for a chance to kiss your pinkie ring.

Video: Soulja Boy, "I Done Came Up"