Soundtracks for Your Viral Cat Videos

October 06, 2009

As fans of both wavy old movie soundtracks and new funny animal videos, the arrival of Asthmatic Kitty's now six volume Library Catalog Music Series has been a boon to our home video editing hobby. From Volume 1: Music For Lubbock, 1980, a lush synthetic soundscape by 900X we used for a sumptuous slo-mo edit of "Squirrel With Yogurt Cup Stuck On Head," to the most recent Volume 6: Music For Tropical Savagery by Yuuki Matthews, from which "Conquerers" comes and from whence we shall draw the score to the Herzogian "Poor French Bulldog Can't Roll Over." ROLL OVER, MAN. Shit. French Bulldogs should be indicted for mass murder on our will to be pissed at shit. Anyway, check out more tracks from the Library Catalog Music Series at the above link and please feel free to send us videos of baby animals with weird lo-fi electronic music playing over top.

Download: Yuuki Matthews, "Conquerors"

*Special inspiration provided by @maddecent

Posted: October 06, 2009
Soundtracks for Your Viral Cat Videos