On The Boat With Amazing Baby

When we set out for the stormy waters of Long Island Sound in a boat full of chowder-fed rock dudes and a couple of cameras, we weren’t sure what to expect. John Locke on a life raft? The Professor and Mary Ann making out on the shore of some distant cay? Sadly, no fictional television characters were spotted, but we returned windswept with a completely improvised music video for Amazing Baby’s new single, “Supreme Being.” We hope that this comes off more Bond than Weekend at Bernie‘s.  And special thanks to the Port Washington Yacht Club for letting us take over their dock for an afternoon!

Download “Supreme Being” for free at Green Label Sound.

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  1. James Howlett III says:

    Someone got a haircut! Very reasonable and down to earth video=D

  2. Naomi says:

    i love them!
    haha dancing on the roof.

  3. ward says:

    love the setting, very cool!!

  4. LoPrimo says:

    HipSters reunite haha nah sounds good …. yeah …