Premiere: Samiyam, “Swamp Tarts” MP3

Photographer Theo Jemison
October 07, 2009

California seems to have quite the economic conundrum going on currently as it is nearing statewide bankruptcy yet insists on shutting down what we're assuming are incredibly profitable and taxable medical marijuana clinics like they are illegal drug dens. Well, we did some research on marijuana, and it turns out it's illegal actually. Sorry bros. Seems like a great idea though. Anyway, Samiyam is a young Los Angelean making thickly blunted beats—perfect for attending to whatever ailments require cannabis as medicine—many of which are collected on Rush Hour's Beat Dimensions, Vol. 2, including Nosaj Thing's "FWD," which we also premiered and put on our fifth Visionary Podcast. Samiyam has a brand new EP out on Poobah Records as well, called Man Vs Machine, that's more of the same if you're into "Swamp Tarts." We're just worried that listening to this stuff a lot is babe repellent to be honest. Not that music writing is spanish fly or anything. Nevermind.

Download: Samiyam, "Swamp Tarts"

Posted: October 07, 2009
Premiere: Samiyam, “Swamp Tarts” MP3