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New Rules To Live By And New Rules To Break

Walker Lamond makes a spirited case for order and discipline in his new collection of fashionable aphorisms Rules for My Unborn Son, culled from Walker's blog of the same name. We've spent most of our young adulthood doing the opposite of what people tell us to do, but maybe it's time to heed a few pointers, or at least have some new rules to enjoy breaking. Our favorite instructions? Lamond's little odes to mom, like "Make time for your mom on your birthday. It's her special day, too." Moms are, of course, always in style. Our only gripe with the book is its insistence on being only for the sons. Can't daughters learn something from Lamond's urging to "wear freshly laundered pajamas" and to "own a wool flannel suit"?

New Rules To Live By And New Rules To Break