At Home With Kyp Malone of Rain Machine

We’re mighty familiar with Kyp Malone, having written a feature about his solo music and a cover story about his main gig, TV On The Radio. Still, longtime enamor or not, we were surprised with how much we liked his solo debut as Rain Machine. Malone’s voice sounds like an heirloom, passed down generation by generation. It rings as a truly organic record, accented with bells and loose strings. We recently went by Malone’s Greenpoint apartment to sit with him and discover Rain Machine’s environmental footprint.

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  1. Darko Svenšćak says:

    “Malone’s voice sounds like an heirloom, passed down generation by generation.”

    live proof, if needed:

    listen to this and share the link with a friend :)

  2. xn says:

    The album is beautiful and the live show was a treasure for sure. My only complaint is that he can’t sing all the vocals on stage. His backup vocalist just doesn’t have his timbre, even though she has his range. There is but one Kyp Malone.

  3. maria sharply says:

    This man has a horrible voice and it’s a sad reflection on the tastes and sensibilities of my generation if they think this guy is ‘awesome’. He sucks, plain out sucks. Compare him to someone who had [real] and undeniable talent at doing similar things vocally — like Tim Buckley or Dino Valente or even Richie Havens — and you’ll hear what an utter fraud he is. Are people that brain dead from all the rap that they can no longer relly hear anymore. Sombody put this man to rest quick………….he’s a pox upon good taste, he’s utterly horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. PDot says:

    Maria needs a boyfriend….QUICK!

    P.S. Fuck You.