Live: Amanda Blank and Devlin & Darko at One Step Beyond

Photographer Denis Finnin
October 14, 2009

On Friday, our third season of One Step Beyond resumed its reign of The Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History (whew). Everyone careened underneath intergalactic light projections when they weren't waiting for their turns on the Find-Your-Weight-on-Saturn scale. Devlin and Darko kicked out all-things-danceable from T.I. and Crime Mob to George Michael and Vanity 6. Party-goers made their way in droves up to the Hayden Planetarium for screenings of "Journey to the Stars"—a scene reminiscent of a school field trip, only this time with booze. Amanda Blank closed out the evening, slinging her salacious set of rhymes with some help from her bosom buddy, Spank Rock. The room may have been dark, but Blank's outfit, made up of just enough strategically-place fabric to not get arrested, lit up the room and kept all eyes on stage. The set ended with Spank's "Bump" and a shout out to a magazine that Blank called "the best ever." We're still blushing.

—Claire Lobenfeld




Live: Amanda Blank and Devlin & Darko at One Step Beyond