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Premiere: Brilliant Colors, "English Cities" MP3

So Brilliant Colors went ahead and put ten singles on an album. It's a lot of blunt drumming and brittle vocals over messy swaths of guitar to listen to straight through, but album standout "English Cities" is what ties the whole thing together. Obvious girl-group touchstones like Black Tambourine aside, the song captures a lot of what's exciting about music right now: it's relentless, sloppy and unafraid to most definitely subconsciously jack what sounds like a Blink 182 bassline (but probably isn't), which in itself could have been stolen from the same groups that all these guys were influenced by in the first place. But it's the central guitar riff that gets us—like maybe we need to start putting this on repeat and fighting dudes? No? Maybe we just need to get a car and drive around really fast while listening to it. "English Cities" comes from Brilliant Colors' debut full-length on Slumberland, which is out November 3rd.

Download: Brilliant Colors, English Cities"

Premiere: Brilliant Colors, "English Cities" MP3