Beniton The Menace f. Marvin Priest, “Who’s Gonna Smoke” (Run This Town Riddim) MP3

At the risk of being called weed anthem refix apologists, Beniton The Menace‘s “Who’s Gonna Smoke” takes Jiggaman’s flaccid call to arms and pumps it up to lighter-waving proportions. Marvin Priest, Maxi‘s son, makes a fine pinch hitter for Ri Ri, but it’s Beniton, whose “It’s a recession, but I’m still gonna party” attitude and eco-friendly life advice that shows us that Kanye’s minimal jeep kick is just as good for busting “The Holiday” as it is for inciting riots in the future. Also, he has an entire MySpace album dedicated to his own wacky haircuts.

Download: Beniton The Menace f. Marvin Priest, “Who’s Gonna Smoke”

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  1. Skerrit Bwoy says:

    beniton is one of the greatest reggae artist new york has to offer.

  2. C00ki3 M0nst3r says:

    i dnt even smoke but i feel like this is hot!!

  3. YayZ says:

    me` smoked ths sht

  4. blue says:

    i smoke weed every day and this is the best track i ever heard