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Designer Malia Sias Marks the Beast

If you've ever come face to face with a set of googly eyes staring up from a drain pipe, paper towel dispenser or condom vending machine, then you're already familiar with the work of designer/artist Malia Sias. Her latest project, The Beast Mark, pays homage to her unwavering dedication to animal prints, with feline photo collage tees, beaded wolfman earrings and all the best wild girl pieces to build around the bestial look, like acid wash motorcycle jackets and skintight denim leggings. Alongside her new line of women's wear, Sias blogs about animal kingdom fashions, diligently sourcing out four-legged thrift store art, pictures of Liberace in head-to-toe leopard skin suits, and lots and lots of doe-eyed creatures. We're just waiting for the day that our trashcan gets plastered with hypnotic snake eyes.



Designer Malia Sias Marks the Beast